Charity fund raising in East Berkshire and surrounding areas.

Sue Ryder Care


Sue Ryder Care is dedicated to helping people get the best from life. We specialize in palliative care, neurological care and homecare. We provide expertise where people need it.

Related Links

Here we have links to sites about dalek building, other daleks and our charities.

Wycombe Hospital Radio


One of our main charities, supporting the local community, see what they do here.

Robert Cork—


Robert was our inspiration and we thank him for his support.  If your event is in the South and too far from us, then Robert is the person to contact.

The Dalek Builders Guild


The guild have classic and new series dalek plans and there is a wealth of information about building, owning and admiring daleks. 

Dennis the Dalek


Dennis is a black NSD owned by Andy and is based in Kent.  Dennis collects for charity also.



This is where we get our embroidered clothing.  We do pay for these ourselves, so we choose carefully.  WorkWear is a family business that we met casually years ago.  They are really great people and are highly recommended.

Project Dalek Forum


PDF is a forum for dalek builders.  No groupies allowed!

Charity Dalek Squad


A number of dalek builders have come together to pool resources for Charity Fund raising events.  As well as attending events we host a show called “An Audience with The Daleks” where daleks answer all those burning questions that children have.  A unique event where the Daleks are no longer in charge!


The Squad have an online forum where you can find out about events/fund raising and even offer to help.

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Evil Elsie

Elsie is a dalek from the ‘Evil of the Daleks’ story, and coined the name Evil Elsie.  She also lives in Kent with her creator Chris, and they collect for charity too.