Charity fund raising in East Berkshire and surrounding areas.

We could attend your event.

Orion and Nimrod are high quality full size fan built copies of the Doctor Who Daleks, who help fund raise for charity.

If you are planning a public event in our area, contact us to discuss if we could attend.

To consider an event we need to know;

†- If there is an area suitable for the daleks to work on.† Orion is based in part on an electric mobility scooter and has tight ground clearance.† Even the slightest contours can cause him to ground and incur damage.

†- We have public liability insurance to £2 million pounds when collecting for charity.

†- How far are we to travel?† We have to cover this ourselves, nothing is deducted from the money we collect.† If your event is too far from us, we may ask you to cover our travel expenses.

Obviously there is a chance we are already booked (or at work) so book early!



Why might you want Orion and/or Nimrod along?

†- As an attraction?† Doctor Who is now very very popular, adding a dalek to your list of attractions will boost attendance.


†- To help fund raise for your cause (or one of ours).† How much do you expect to collect for your charity?†† I am told that £150 is good for a day for people with† collecting tins outside a store, but with Orion we usually collect £400 (this is the average) and the daleks do most of the work!


If you have enough visitors attending your event, this is the difference our daleks can make to YOUR fund raising.



The Daleks are © 1963 BBC Worldwide & Terry Nation Estates. Charity Dalek exists as a non-profit-making Hobby Group, and no infringement of Copyright is implied or intended. We are in no way afilliated with, or endorsed by either BBC Worldwide or Terry Nation Estates.