Charity fund raising in East Berkshire and surrounding areas.

Driving a steam engine, every boy’s dream, but I did expect it would be a bit bigger!

About Us


Vince & Niki Martyn have been involved in charity and fund raising for a number of years at Wycombe Hospital Radio.

In late 2006 model engineering interests lead them to a model show in Tadley where they met Robert Cork with his magnificent full size dalek, and were amazed at the public reaction to the Dalek and it’s ability to collect money for a good cause.

Inspired Vince decided he wanted a K9 (Dr Who’s metal dog) but Niki and co-builder Jim Matthews overruled the decision and Orion started to be built.

It was eighteen months of almost no spare time,  Orion is close to finished, and is attending events and extracting funds for charity.  Anyone who doesn’t donate will be exterminated! (Well they would be, if it wasn’t for the paperwork.)

Other than Orion, Vince and Niki have interests in ride on model railways including steam locomotives, model engineering, mobile disco, hospital radio, and sometimes we sleep!

In 2008 we met Jon Place another dalek builder...

Jon Place...


As a life-long Doctor Who fan, it had always been a long held dream of Jon's to build a full sized Dalek.


A happy chance lead him to the Project Dalek Forum where he found a means to make that dream become reality.


The use of such a Dalek for fund raising hadn't occurred to him but the feedback from members regarding their efforts soon inspired him.


Luckily for Jon, he had been in touch with Vince and Nicky almost from day one of joining the forum so he was able to join forces with them.



When he's not busy building Daleks, Jon enjoys photography, cycling and the odd glass of wine.

(And being a husband and father!!! - Vince’s edit)

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